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"Those things are ringing in her ear when she goes off to her cabin." But things can't truly end there for Rachel.

As we know, a fourth season -- premiere date yet to be announced -- featuring an all-star installment of ?

Simon (Brandon Jay Mc Laren), is just as twisted as everyone else in her inner circle when he makes an inappropriate play for her love.

That shocking revelation is the straw that breaks the camel's back, as Rachel's ex Jeremy (Josh Kelly), Serena (she tells Rachel she belongs at a "horrible" place like ) and others reiterate -- in their own way -- to Rachel that she's a god-awful person: Jeremy, for "producing" him to kill two people at the end of season two; Serena, for "producing" her to choose herself and reject two proposals at the finale.

Stacy Rukeyser: I can tell you a little tidbit, which is that that cabin was originally shot as an alt ending before we knew there was going to be a season four.

There was, in fact, a different ending, but then of course, we did get ordered for a season four and people were in love with this ending -- with her getting out and getting to the cabin.

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We've always felt that there's an undeniable love story between Chet and Quinn, as messed up as it is and flawed as it is.

As we go into season four, look, they're going to have conflict again because Quinn ends up on Chet's doorstep and that is not necessarily something Rachel would support, I'll put it that way.

Also, what does Quinn think about [Rachel coming back to finale featured a moment where Chet confesses in front of America that he's in love with Quinn, which leads to Quinn landing on his doorstep.

She's incredibly conflicted about being there, hates herself for the work she does there and yet feels very empowered.

It does give her a sense of power, even though she hates herself for the fact that it makes her feel powerful, and there's the incredible relationship with Quinn. Quinn and Rachel's last conversation really encapsulated their partnership, where Quinn tells Rachel she's "a star." That despite the backstabbing, the betrayal and the awful things they've done to each other, they're very much dependent on each other and cemented the fact that things are going to be different now.

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