Christian dating relationship articles

A partner who honors you and Christ will not try to manipulate you into having sex before marriage.

A good Christian partner will be honest and will respect your feelings consistently.

You will spend more and more time around your prospective spouse.

It is good to attend services at each other's churches often to get a feel for your individual perceptions of Christianity.

It is also important that he or she can take you seriously when necessary.

A suitable partner will be always seeking to be closer to Christ and to love and exalt him more and more each day.

Daun has extensive training in meditation, rock climbing, yoga, martial arts, exercise and massage therapy.If things don't go well between the two of you, it could lead to problems and discomfort at church every Sunday.Attend services at churches other than your own to meet other Christian singles.Making your relationship flow smoothly depends almost entirely on choosing the right people to date.You might be tempted to date other members of your church, which might be a bad idea.

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