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Rivers and lakes are cleaner since Kenya introduced a sweeping ban of single-use plastic bags, but thousands of jobs have been lost.

That’s when I was inspired to ‘drop in’ and promote the use of large-scale wind energy – to bring change to the electricity industry. The idea for Ecotricity – of selling green electricity to people, came about a few years later – it was about getting a fair price for wind power, to enable more to be built. Green electricity was a totally new idea back then.

But after scientists accidentally discovered a new shade of blue, the race is on to create the right red.

It's Karina Gould's first day back in Parliament after taking a 10-week maternity leave.

Next month, Correctional Service of Canada is providing clean needles to drug users in two federal prisons.

Critics argue it's a dangerous move but a prisoner support group worries how the pilot project will roll out.

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    Or, He is Lord, which means He really was who He said He was.