Non liquidating distributions

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Can the Court waive the bankruptcy petition filing fee? Some attorneys may offer a free initial consultation.

Under chapter 7, a Debtor may be required to surrender assets to a trustee. In the Tampa area, they can be contacted in Hillsborough County at (813) 232-1343 or (813) 752-1335, or in Pinellas County at (727) 821-0726 or (727) 443-0657; in Orlando at (407) 841-8310; and in Jacksonville at 904-356-8371.

Bankruptcy is also available to businesses, corporations, and partnerships. While the information presented below is accurate as of the date of publication, it should not be cited or relied upon as legal authority. Inexpensive help in typing your petition and other forms is available from "bankruptcy petition preparers." "Paralegals" and "typing services" are considered bankruptcy petition preparers and not attorneys.

The following is designed to assist the general public by providing basic answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. They will send you an application and schedule a session with a bankruptcy attorney to assess your financial situation to see if you qualify for their services, and assist you in deciding what chapter is appropriate.

For additional information, please view the Court's General Information. Bankruptcy is a legal process which allows a person (a "Debtor"), who owes more money than he or she can currently repay, to either (1) repay a portion of the money over time under Chapter 11, 12, or 13, or (2) have the entire debt forgiven ("discharged") under chapter 7. Do I need an attorney to represent me in my bankruptcy case? Their fee is on a sliding scale based on your income.

Here’s a comparison chart taken from the Fundrise site: Quarterly liquidity.

As noted, the investment offers the ability to request liquidity on a quarterly basis, but it is not guaranteed that you can withdraw all that you request.

Examples of real-life holdings are a luxury rental townhome complex and a million boutique hotel.

From their FAQ: Specifically, we believe the market for smaller real estate transactions (“small balance commercial market or SBC”) is underserved by conventional capital sources and that lending in the market is fragmented, reducing the availability and overall efficiency for real estate owners raising funds.

This inefficiency and fragmentation of the SBC market has resulted in a relatively favorable pricing dynamic which the e REIT intends to capitalize on using efficiencies created through our technology platform.

Update: I tested out the quarterly liquidity window and was able to withdraw my funds in a simple process and without issue.

Fundrise is still accepting direct investments into some of their e REITs, but I am now looking to re-invest into their new Fundrise 2.0 system, which has a new 0 minimum and allocates across multiple e REITs.

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