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We wonder when Tila Tequila would come (ew) out with her announced sex tape, and now the suspense is over.When Tila isn't busy denying the Holocaust, getting banned from Facebook, and posing in a Nazi uniform, she's busy wearing nothing for an incredibly NSFW sex tape which leaves nothing to the imagination! Ch-ch-check out Tila taking a one-way trip to bone town and forever lose what little innocence you have left in this world (above)!!! But of course, if you want to see the tape in all its glory - CLICK HERE to watch the full sex tape! Se hai già i capelli corti inoltre ricordati che anche i tagli per capelli corti possono essere variati, giocando un pò con spazzola, piastra, lacca e phon.Via libera alle forbici quindi, guarda tutte le immagini dei tagli di capelli corti che ti proponiamo, non saprai resistere!I love the gyro salad at Aladdin Gyrocery in the U District. It's tangy, it's crunchy, it's cold and hot. It's about , but it's totally worth it to me. Seattle's oldest restaurant, The Athenian Inn in the Market, has a fried platter that will satisfy your fried seafood desires.Twas at the Athenian that I first supped on deep-fried salmon, a new twist on an old favorite. The Metropolitan Market in Lower Queen Anne, just off Mercer, bakes something they call "the cookie." It's the best cookie I've ever had, and it's only a couple bucks. The best breakfast I've ever had was at 5 Point Cafe. Il taglio giusto può cambiare l'aspetto di un viso, così come una sfumatura di colore può bastare per rivoluzionare l'acconciatura.La voglia di cambiare pettinatura o taglio di capelli è ricorrente in noi donne, ma serve l'idea giusta.

Description (from their website): "Dungeness crab, seaweed noodle, spicy red curry, crème fraiche"SO GOOD. Kinda wish they would experiment a bit more with their dishes though.

A good article about him5 Point Cafe's story Edit: a word I don't have anything bad to say about Dave or his business.

But he and his nightlife peers are absolutely responding to the same economic changes that developers are.

It isn't like they don't allow entry to tech nerds, fuck, I wouldn't be allowed in otherwise. The neighborhood saw some new townhouses built at the same time, but the majority of the change was straight up displacement.

New bars opening and his ability to keep old bars running is absolutely predicated on the continued patronage of "Gentry."I just think it's important to remember that gentrification doesn't equal development. The most gentrified neighborhoods are the single family neighborhoods like Lurelhurst and Magnolia that are never allowed change and just get more exclusive.

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